Renaming Centrepointe Park?


Read the whole thing. Here is an excerpt:

“On the suggestion of Mayor Jim Watson, the city is now considering renaming the building it leases at 100 Constellation Crescent, currently known informally as the Constellation Building, to Mary Pitt Centre. …

The city’s Commemorative Naming Committee has endorsed the plan also, and it will be put to a vote at the Aug. 23 meeting of the Community and Protective Services Committee.


Old news: The Ottawa Sun has done a story on the issue:

The City of Ottawa received an application to rename Centrepointe Park to “Mary Pitt Park.” That information is here:

Mary Pitt already has the eastern entry court to the park named for her, “The Mary Pitt Legacy Court.”

As part of the “City’s commemorative naming policy“, the application is to be subject to a 30 day public consultation phase to ensure there is community support for the proposal.

When the Board of the CCA became aware of this application because it was reported in the Citizen, we thought it was important to have community opinions.   We have therefore posted this survey.

You are also welcome to post comments at the City site (as above).


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