FCA meeting 9 Sept. 2015

The next general meeting of the FCA [Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa] will be held the evening of Wednesday September 9 at the Jules Morin Fieldhouse, 400 Clarence St. East. in Lowertown.

The September 9 meeting will have the theme “Linking City of Ottawa Priority Planning with FCA Initiatives”. In July the City adopted its “Strategic Plan” for the current term of Council. The 65 initiatives in the Strategic Plan could provide direction for community activity for the next several months.

Further agenda details will be distributed next week. Each member association is invited to send two delegates to FCA general meetings. Observers are always welcome.

The next General Meeting of the FCA {Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa will be held Wednesday September 9 from 7:15 pm at the Jules Morin Park Fieldhouse, 400 Clarence Street East. [Note that the Lowertown street pattern is complex; this address is accessed from Cobourg  St.]

2. Documentation for the meeting, including a draft agenda, is available at http://fca-fac.ca/2015/09/fca-general-meeting-sept-9-2015/ .

FCA-Federation of Citizens Associations of Ottawa

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