Pedalheads in Centrepointe


My name is David O’Neill and I am writing to you from Pedalheads Bike Camps.  We offer educational cycling programs for kids ages 2-12, and one of our main goals is to work closely with local schools and communities to help promote the great activity of cycling to children.  We would love the opportunity to create a lasting partnership with  the centrepoint community to help educate your residents about cycling safety in a fun and engaging way.

This summer we are bringing a camp to your community and we are looking for any events that we could be present for to introduce ourselves to your residents. If you have any fairs or community days that we could help with that would be great,or if I could be present at your next community association meeting that would also be good. I have attached a little more information about us, you can also visit our website or feel free to contact me directly. Please respond at your earliest convenience thank you for your time.

Kind Regard,

David O’Neill
City Manager, Ottawa

tel. 1-613-914-5515
fax. 1-604-874-6431

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