Traffic study information

Area Traffic Management Guidelines were approved by City Council in 2004 to help identify significant traffic concerns and to address them in a consistent and equitable manner.  As per these guidelines, the completion of a study is a prerequisite for the possible implementation of Area Traffic Management (ATM) measures. If the Centrepointe Community Association, or an individual resident in the community wishes to pursue an Area Traffic Management study, please complete the attached Petition to Request an Area Traffic Management Study form. [This has been done by the CCA.] The requestor may modify concerned section of Centrepointe Drive and traffic issue. Once the form is submitted, our staff will begin the prioritization process.

The request for Centrepointe Drive will be prioritized against other community requests (both current and accrued projects) for future consideration. As stated in the Area Traffic Management Guidelines, the City does not have sufficient funds and staff time to address every traffic concern that is raised, therefore a prioritization process for new study requests has been developed to help identify the most serious problems and address them efficiently.

For additional information on Area Traffic Management policies and procedures, please refer to the guidelines. Our prioritization process is shown in pages 21-24 (pages 27-30 of the word file).

A copy of our guidelines is available at the following website:


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