School Advisory Committee Meeting October 27, 2016

Andrea Horton is the parent rep for Briargreen school on the Advisory Review Committee for the school accommodation review that is underway. They are currently seeking views from the community, including parents of children in the affected schools, as well as members of the communities that are served by these schools. They are looking for input from people in the neighbourhood.

You can find information about the review at the link below. At the bottom of that page are links to information about each of the affected schools in this area.

There is a public meeting this Thursday, October 27th from 7-9 pm at Sir Robert Borden High School if people would like to learn more. The next committee meeting after that is on November 9. 

Otherwise, people can feel free to contact Andrea Horton directly and she can make note of questions and concerns to share at the committee meetings. The next one is on November 9th.