Local children’s book kickstarter campaign

I am a Centrepointe/Briargreen resident and have written a beautiful Children’s book titled “A Very Fairy Door”. My mom Kim has designed an actual little fairy door to accompany the book. Written for ages 3 and up and for anyone who believes in make-believing, this door acts as a portal for the fairies to visit and do what they do best… leave notes, treasures and even gifts to let the children know they’ve been there. It’s a great parenting tool to help lift spirits during illness or hard times, to help children overcome obstacles and fears, to reward positive behaviours or simply to provide well wishes. 

Please check our our Kickstarter campaign https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1919816000/a-very-fairy-door. One week into the campaign and we have over 100 backers, are 27% closer to our goal and have been featured as business of the month in North Bay, ON by counsellor Darryl Vallencourt.

I do feel the book and door have extra special purpose for children dealing with chronic or terminal illness and should our campaign be a success, look forward to donating copies to The Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) to help lift spirits and bring courage to children through difficult times. (It is an organization near and dear to our hearts).

We would greatly appreciate if you would share this project with other Ottawa families to help us to get the word out about A Very Fairy Door (here in Ottawa). The campaign closes Oct 3rd and we’d like to get as many families in the know about this exciting initiative prior to then. Our hope is that it brings wonderful memories to many homes that will last a lifetime!