Garbage in the park

At the AGM, these questions were asked and have now been answered by Mr. Chiarelli’s office.

Q1. Centrepointe Park- concerns surrounding the trash left after soccer games, etc. They would like someone to go through afterwards to ensure the teams have cleaned up – if not, then perhaps a fine be given to the team.  What are the current rules surrounding clean up after people who rent the soccer pitches, baseball diamonds etc?

A1. It’s a condition of their rental contract that they clean up their mess and take away their garbage. If residents notice that they didn’t, a call to 311 is in order. Citywide Allocations would then charge the user group for the cleanup costs, and if it is a habitual problem for any group, they will be denied any future permits.

Q2. Centrepointe Park- Concerns about dumping during no garbage weeks, household waste. How would this be able to be prevented?

A2. This is on the increase citywide in all of the parks and is now a serious problem.  Since bi-weekly garbage pick up began, residents have found it convenient to dispose of their household garbage in park receptacles, or even beside them. Unfortunately, Bylaw Services and Solid Waste enforcement will only do something if they actually catch a person doing it. It usually happen after normal working hours when no enforcement is around.



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