FCA meeting April 14. 2015

The next General Meeting of  the FCA [Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa] will be held Tuesday April 14 from 7:15 pm at 8B Sweetnam Drive in Stittsville. Member associations  are invited to send two delegates to general meetings. Observers are always welcome.

2. A preliminary draft agenda for the April 14 meeting is found at http://www.fca-fac.ca/activ/150414DA.pdf . Supplementary material will be added to this document as the meeting date approaches. You are invited to make suggestions or request modification of the agenda. Address your messages to info@fca-fac.ca .

3. Draft minutes for the previous General Meeting, held on March 17 are found at http://www.fca-fac.ca/activ/150317DM.pdf . Draft minutes for Executive Committee meetings held on March 11 and on April 1 are found at http://www.fca-fac.ca/activ/150311EX.pdf  and  http://www.fca-fac.ca/activ/150401EX.pdf  respectively.

4. Sweetnam Drive runs south from Hazeldean Road. It is west of Terry Fox Drive and east of Carp Road.

5. We look forward to seeing you next Tuesday.


FCA-Federation of Citizens Association

207 Bank Street, Suite 146

Ottawa Ontario K2P 2N2



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