FCA General Meeting Tues. March 17, 2015

The next general meeting of the FCA-Federation of Citizens’ Associations of Ottawa will be held Tuesday March 17 from 7:15pm at the Old Ottawa South “Firehall” Community Centre, 260 Sunnyside Avenue. Each member association is invited to send two delegates to general meetings, Observers are always welcome.

2. A preliminary draft agenda for the March 17 meeting is found at www.fca-fac.ca/activ/150317DA.pdf . Recommendations for adjustment or additions to the draft agenda should be sent to info@fca-fac.ca . The draft agenda will be modified as the meeting date approaches and background material will probably be added to the document.

3. Draft minutes for the General Meeting of February 11 will be posted to www.fca-fac.ca/activ/150211DM.pdf . Draft minutes for the Executive meetings of February 19 and March 11 will be posted to www.fca-fac.ca/activ/150219EX.pdf and www.fca-fac.ca/activ/150311EX.pdf .

4. Note that the FCA made a presentation to the Finance and Economic Development Committee [FEDCO] on March 3. The presentation is found at www.fca-fac.ca/docus/150303BD.pdf .

5. For those concerned that the March general meeting is being held on St. Patrick’s Day, we have received assurances from the Old Ottawa South Community Association that two Irish pubs are within easy walking distance from the community centre.


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