Centrepointe Park Rink

About the rink in Centrepointe Park.

Our outdoor rink was first established in 2007. At that time, it was managed by the city and did not have an outdoor shelter.

By 2008, it was being run by the community and had an outdoor shelter.

The rink has grown in popularity and is regularly used by both people in the community and others in Ottawa who look for rinks that are open and in good condition at this link:



The city provides funding to help pay for supervision of the Rink.

Community volunteers and high school students from Centrepointe take care of the rink.

Students are given a remuneration that works out to $25 per 3 hour shift.

Preference given to students whose parents are volunteers.

Rink hours

Week days:

4 PM – 7 PM – unsupervised

7 PM – 10 PM – supervised


10 AM – 4 PM – supervised

4 PM – 7 PM – unsupervised

7 PM – 10 PM – supervised

Special Events

Hockey day in Canada / Carnival Day
How to get involved and volunteer:

Email if you are interested in volunteering or student supervision. raubry@rogers.com