Police service initiative program (April 25, 2016)

My name is Mark Ford and I am the Superintendent in charge of the Ottawa Police Service Initiative (SI) Program.

Launched at the direction of the Ottawa Police Services Board, the SI Program is taking a look at how the OPS delivers programs and services to the residents of Ottawa. It is meant to enhance service to the public by highlighting opportunities that allow the organization to reinvest in service to citizens and meet its policing responsibilities in an era of constrained budgets.

On Monday, April 25, we will be presenting an update on the program to the Ottawa Police Services Board. The update provides an overview of the SI projects currently underway that will assist us in meeting the challenges facing policing and providing the services residents expect. The report is attached.

We have seen specific questions from members and the community about the Frontline Deployment Project. As an important community partner, I wanted to email you directly to provide some context about this specific part of the program and hopefully answer any questions you may have.

Some questions that have come up are whether we are:

*       Pulling School Resource Officers out of schools?

*       No longer doing the activities currently  performed by Neighbourhood Officers, Community Police Centres, and District Traffic?

*       Moving away from community policing?

Let me assure you that the simple answer to all of these questions is no.

The Frontline Deployment project is developing a strategy to improve the deployment and allocation of frontline officers to:

*       respond to demands for service in our growing city;

*       increase proactive policing opportunities to address emerging crime trends;

*       level resource demands and workloads; and,

*       ultimately enhance public and officer safety.

Part of the strategy is to realign and bring together our frontline, uniformed members responsible for mobile response, proactive policing, and/or community engagement.

Position titles and groupings may change as a result of the realignment, but we will enhance our community policing approach under the future service delivery model, and the core policing activities performed today by frontline officers will continue. This includes important functions like interacting with the community, responding to calls for service, conducting traffic enforcement, liaising with schools and other partners, and conducting proactive policing in neighbourhoods. We will also ensure the new model continues to have the community based features residents and partners have come to value, such as a single point of contact where they can bring their community concerns forward.

Community policing will always be the cornerstone of our strategy to serve residents. The goal of this project is to enhance community policing, strengthen partnerships and offer residents value for services by ensuring we are as effective and efficient as possible.

Public Consultation

A great deal of the work on the SI has focused on research of best practices, discussions with other police and emergency services, and consultation with OPS members.  With the various projects and models now more fully developed, the SI team will be conducting community consultation and awareness efforts to ensure understanding of the projects and gather public feedback.

An announcement on those efforts, which will include various opportunities for residents to learn about the work and express their views and comments about the projects, will be made in May. The strategy will include multiple forums for discussion including electronic forums, targeted stakeholder meetings, and public presentations. These methods will allow the OPS to explain the design principles of the projects and get the feedback we need to ensure community expectations are maintained.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Thank you,

Mark Ford

Acting Superintendent

Service Initiative / Planning, Performance and Analytics

Ottawa Police Service

(B) 613 236-1222 ext 4956

(C) 613 299-6676

email: fordm@ottawapolice.ca

To review the update:


then click on April 25th agenda. Scroll down the agenda to #8 The Ottawa Police Service Initiative and click on it.  You will see a little icon for the document on the right.