Canada Day safety tips

The city of Ottawa has posted some safety tips  regarding Canada Day.  Take a look.

Other tips to consider:

–       Leave the alcohol at home.  There will be a zero tolerance for open alcohol at all city run events!

–       If you are taking young children downtown or to local community events take the time to point out “Safe people” who can help them if they get lost (police, paramedics).  As well take the time to talk about what to do if you get separated.

–       A lot of young children do not know their phone numbers or their addresses.  If going to a large community event the parent could write their first name and cell number on a piece of duct tape and stick it to the inside of the child’s shirt (usually at the bottom of the shirt).  If the child is lost the police will now have a means to contact you.

–       If you are separated from your child look in the immediate area and call their name.  If you still can’t find them head to the Missing Kids Tents.  (they are usually set up on Parliament hill, Majors Hill park and across from the Chateau Laurier. (look for these tents when you arrive)

Wishing everyone a Safe and Happy Canada Day!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Monday, June 29, 2015    4:17pm

Ottawa Police safety message for Canada Day

(Ottawa)—The Ottawa Police Service encourages Ottawa residents and visitors who participate in Canada Day celebrations to do so safely, responsibly, and in accordance with all laws.

The number one priority for Ottawa Police is public safety for everyone. All appropriate measures are in place to ensure that public safety is maintained in Ottawa.

Liquor License Act offences will be strictly enforced. In short―leave it at home!

For information about Canada Day 2015 street closures, free shuttle bus service and valet bike parking on July 1, please visit Heritage Canada<>.

Also available online are health and safety tips<> and fireworks information<> from the City of Ottawa.

– 30 –


Media Relations Section

Tel: 613-236-1222, ext. 5366


POUR DIFFUSION IMMÉDIATE: le lundi 29 juin 2015 16 h 17

Message de sûreté de la Police d’Ottawa à l’occasion de la Fête du Canada

Ottawa — Le Service de police d’Ottawa incite les résidents d’Ottawa et les visiteurs qui prendront part aux célébrations de la Fête du Canada de le faire en sûreté, de manière responsable et dans le respect de la loi.

La toute première priorité de la Police d’Ottawa, c’est la sûreté de tous et chacun. Toutes les mesures pertinentes au maintien de la sûreté publique à Ottawa sont en place.

La Loi sur les permis d’alcool sera rigoureusement appliquée. «En bref: laissez la boisson à la maison!»

Pour des informations sur les fermetures de rues, service de navette gratuit et stationnement pour vélos en vigueur le 1er juillet à l’occasion de la fête du Canada 2015, voir Patrimoine Canada<>.

On peut également obtenir des conseils sur la santé et la sécurité <> et sur les feux d’artifice<> sur le site web de la Ville d’Ottawa.



Relations avec les médias

Téléphone: 613-236-1222, poste 5366



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