Skating Rink (On West Side)

The skating rink on the west end of Centrepointe Park, near the splash pad, is operational, as of Jan. 18th, 2021.   We have a team lead by Al Arseneult who is working hard to ensure it is up and running.  Weather and covid, however, play a role in the rink being open and ready for … Continue reading Skating Rink (On West Side)

Watch out for door to door solicitations

The police recently received an email from one of their Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators advising that there are Water Heater Solicitors going around the Centrepointe community.  They were wearing black and yellow vests and displayed City of Ottawa logos on their clip boards.  When challenged about the logo the solicitor became evasive.  The Coordinator contacted the city … Continue reading Watch out for door to door solicitations

New car seat installation video

Ottawa Police and Ottawa Safety Council launch car seat installation video (Ottawa) –The Ottawa Police Service, in partnership with the Ottawa Safety Council and Safer Roads Ottawa has released a new car seat safety video resource for families. “The ‘Best Fit Car Seat’ video focuses on the key components to a safe car seat installation … Continue reading New car seat installation video

Beware fraudulent CRA emails

Fraudulent emails appearing to come from Canada Revenue Agency (Ottawa) — The Ottawa Police Organized Fraud Unit is warning the public about a frequently occurring scam that has once again emerged in Ottawa. Over the last week, Ottawa Police has received over 14 complaints from people who have received e-mails they believed were sent by … Continue reading Beware fraudulent CRA emails