Age-Friendly Winter Walkability and
Pedestrian Safety Audits for Seniors
and Other Valuable Pedestrians

Help make Ottawa a safer place for winter walking – become a SNOW MOLE!

Walking is a great way to enjoy winter – but navigating across, over and around snow, ice and slush can be difficult, particularly for older people and those who are using mobility aids. People pushing strollers may also be challenged by snow that blocks sidewalks and crosswalks. SNOW MOLES can help to identify problem areas so they can be improved. 

SNOW MOLES are volunteers who report on what it is like to walk outside on a winter day. They note features and conditions that are “safe” (e.g., sidewalks that have been plowed or sanded), and those that are “unsafe” (e.g., snow or ice blocking a bus stop).

They send their findings to the Council on Aging of Ottawa, which shares them with the City of Ottawa. These reports help the City to prioritize areas for snow-clearing and winter sidewalk maintenance.

Anyone can become a SNOW MOLE!
All you need to do is:

  • Go out for an errand or a walk on a winter day, anywhere in Ottawa.
  • Record your comments by using the Snow Mole Questionnaire – you can find it online at, and you can either complete it online or print it out.
  • If you completed a printout of the questionnaire, mail it to:
    The Council on Aging of Ottawa (815 St. Laurent Blvd #217, Ottawa, ON K1K 3A7).
  • If possible, take photos of the safe and unsafe conditions that you see on your walk, and send the photos to

For more information, please contact the Council on Aging of Ottawa:
or 613-789-3577 ext. 103

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