Clean the Park Challenge

Last year we saw great success with how clean our park was… thank you to everyone who helped out.

Once again, our community can enjoy a wonderful clean and safe park, if everyone just does a small amount of work a couple of times over the next month or two.

While out for your daily walks, while walking your dog, while your kids play in the park…. grab some gloves and a garbage bag and clean up our park.  

Every effort makes a huge total difference. 

Clean-Up-Challenge:  Please, take 30 minutes 2x in the month of April and 30 minutes 2x in the month of May to clean the park. 

Add your first name, number of minutes cleaned and date to our spreadsheet.

At the end of April, and again at the end of May, we will post our total number of minutes clean to our website.

Thanks for helping keep our community clean, safe and beautiful.

Centrepointe Community Association

PS.  Please pass this information/challenge along to neighbours, post on your social media and get the word out there.

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