Skating Rink (On West Side)

The skating rink on the west end of Centrepointe Park, near the splash pad, is operational, as of Jan. 18th, 2021.   We have a team lead by Al Arseneult who is working hard to ensure it is up and running.  Weather and covid, however, play a role in the rink being open and ready for use.   When available, the rink will generally be open throughout the day, closing at 9:00 pm for maintenance.

  1. You can follow our Twitter feed (CentrepointeODR) for the latest conditions. Al only posts an update if there is a change in the current conditions.  So if the latest post shows the rink as open, it remains open until a new post says otherwise. 
  2. Covid guidelines and regulations are ever-changing.  Please ensure you follow the latest City of Ottawa and the Ontario guidelines.
  3. Our rink elves are asking everyone to respect the signage – staff off the ice if the sign says it is closed – walking on wet ice will ruin the surface.
  4. For inquiries about the ice rink please contact

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