Public Consultation – 19 Centrepointe Drive

Please click here to download the PDFs:

CCA Questions & Comments 2020.11.09 (PDF)

Centrepointe Community Members Questions & Comments 2020.11.09 (PDF)

Richcraft Presentation re 19 Centrepointe (PDF)

Centrepointe Community Association presentation re 19 Centrepointe Community Consultation (PDF)

2016 Comments to City regarding proposed minimum parking bylaw (PDF)

Consultation Notice:

City of Ottawa
Video Community Consultation
Monday November 9, 2020 at 6:30 pm

Richcraft Group proposal to construct
two 24 storey towers on Centrepointe Drive

Richcraft Group has proposed building two 24 storey towers with a five storey podium at 19 Centrepointe Drive beside Sir Guy Carleton High School. The land is currently zoned for three 15 storey residential buildings.

The City of Ottawa will hold a video community consultation meeting on Monday, November 9 at 6:30. You should attend this meeting to hear the perspective of the City and Richcraft, as well as the Centrepointe Community Association. The consultation will give an opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the development. You do not need to pre-register for the meeting.

The meeting will be conducted using Zoom video conferencing and you are invited to attend using your phone, tablet or computer by clicking the following link on Monday, November 9 at 6:30:

Meeting ID: 938 8867 7778
Passcode: 216128

Please check the Current Issues section for additional information including the Agenda, Richcraft’s presentation and the Centrepointe Community Association’s presentation. If you have any questions or comments that you would like addressed as part of the city’s or developer’s presentation please forward them to by Friday, November 6. We will assemble the questions/comments and forward them to the session moderator. Alternatively, you can ask questions during the meeting.
Share this message with neighbours and through social media.

Hear what is being proposed, make your views known, help build a better community.


The Richcraft group has submitted a revised application for variances to the zoning of its property at 19 Centrepointe Drive, next to Sir Guy Carleton High School They are seeking approval to increase the current height limit of 15 storeys to 24 storeys, and reduce the parking requirements from 1.2 spaces per residential unit to 0.7, and to reduce the visitor parking from 0.2 spaces to 0.1 spaces per unit.

The Centrepointe Community Association would like to highlight the following key issues with this development:

  1. It is 60% higher than originally proposed and presents a large mass of building towards the community. At 24 storeys it will impact the skyline views of a great many people.
  2. It has greater density than is expected for this area with 600 residential units.
  3. Parking will be available for approximately 2/3 of the units, 360 fewer parking space than the combined 1.4 spots per unit currently required. With limited parking residents will use on-street parking or park in lots of other businesses in the neighbourhood.
  4. The building will add considerable traffic to Centrepointe Drive and the surrounding area where safety is already severely compromised by the original poor road design. A Traffic Impact Assessment report was provided by Richcraft, but it contains a number of errors that call into question the quality of the other information.

Please review the documents associated with the development, join the meeting, and tell your neighbours about the development.  While every effort will be made to reach everyone, bringing the issues to the attention of your neighbours will encourage them to get involved.