Watch out for door to door solicitations

The police recently received an email from one of their Neighbourhood Watch Coordinators advising that there are Water Heater Solicitors going around the Centrepointe community.  They were wearing black and yellow vests and displayed City of Ottawa logos on their clip boards.  When challenged about the logo the solicitor became evasive.  The Coordinator contacted the city and determined the solicitors were not City employees or contracted by the city.

*       With any door to door solicitation be cautious!  Sales pitches can be very deceptive and make you think that your service provider has contracted them to provide this service.

*       Never allow them into your home.

*       Don’t assume that if they provide you identification that they are legitimate.

*       Never sign a contract at the door.  If you are interested in their service request documentation /contract that you can read and compare to your current utility provider.

The below link provides information on your rights and what you should and shouldn’t do if approached.

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If a door to door canvasser refuses to leave your property or home please call police 613-230-6211