Welcome to the Centrepointe Community Association

Welcome to the Centrepointe Community Association. Please click on the links above for more information.

  • Where is Centrepointe? Here!


College Ward Spring Newsletter – NEW!

COVID-19 content from the City of Ottawa – NEW!

There have been recent break-ins in the Centrepointe area!
Here are some Tips from the Ottawa Police to deter.

Gr 8 Info Night At SRB, Thurs. Jan 9th starting at 6 pm – tour and gr.9 info 

Alcohol New Year’s Eve Celebration Is On!

Stage 2 LRT Information Sessions
Baseline and Iris Stations
Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 6:30 p.m. – 8:30 p.m
Ben Franklin Place, 101 Centrepointe Drive

Wed. October 30th, 2019 a Nepean Sportsplex
Light Rail – Woodroffe to Barrhaven – Open House

Thurs. September 26, 2019 at BFP
Federal Elections all candidates meeting for Ottawa West Nepean

Centrepointe Area Garage Sale – June 8th, 2019

Clean Up Centrepointe Park – Sat. May 11th

Annual Centrepointe Community Association General Meeting – Mon. Feb. 25th

Bethany Baptist Church Voluntee Oorganic Garden

Bethany Baptist Church BBQ & Book Sale – Sat. Sept. 15th, 9:30am-1:30pm

Centrepointe Park BBQ – Aug. 18th, 11 am to 1 pm

Centrepointe Area Garage Sale – June 9th, 2018

Clean Up Centrpeointe Park – Saturday, May 5th, 2018 

Bethany Baptist Church Christmas Bazaar – Sat., Dec. 2, 2017, 9 am – 3 pm

Budget Consultation 2018 – October 26th, 6-8 pm @ BFP 

Last Chance to get $3000 – Maybe 2019.

Ottawa EcoFest Event 10th Anniversary Oct. 12th 

Clean Up Centrpeointe Park – Sunday, October 1st, 2017 – Success! 

Free Hockey Equipment…almost all gone…  

Barn swallow survey.

Apply for funding of 2017 celebratory events!

Report potholes: http://ottawa.ca/en/serviceottawa/roads-and-transportation/pothole-road

Meetings on light rail.

Check out “Good Food Boxes” posted under Community Links.

While not exactly in Centrepointe, this information about streets does apply to near our neighbourhoods.

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2 Responses to Welcome to the Centrepointe Community Association

  1. William Myles says:

    I am an amateur astronomer, and a member of the local astro clubs (including Royal Astronomical Society of Canada, Ottawa centre), and about twice a month set up my telescope up on the street (Stonebriar Drive) to show people the planets, and other interesting targets. A few times we have taken the setup out to the nearest soccer field, to get away from trees and some light pollution. People always have a good time, and really enjoy seeing Jupiter’s moons or Saturn’s rings for the first time.

    Would it be feasible, or even advisable, to let the larger community know that I’m having a ‘star party’? I usually simply advertise with a whiteboard on my lawn, and often get 20 to 30 people to come by, and sometimes stay for an hour or two. Out in the park, I can also find other objects such as star clusters, nebulae, and binary stars, since it is slightly darker. Often the attendees say “You should let other people know when you do this”.

    Just wanted to run the idea by you; I did one last Saturday night (the 21st), and the crowd insisted we move to the soccer field; about 25 people total had a view, including a large pack of kids.

    Let me know what you think,


    Wm. Myles
    Stonebriar Drive

    • Hey Wm,

      Not sure if anyone ever got back to you on this, but thanks for that offer! Hopefully this year we’ll have the chance to make it a bigger event, and meet up in the soccer field. I know there are definitely other astronomers in the area (one of which I know has a massive telescope sitting in his living room who would probably LOVE to bring out to the event…with help to carry it). Please pick a date for 2020 (after CORIV19 has settled…September might work, but August before school starts might be better, if it makes sense), and give us 1 month notice beforehand through our gmail account (centrepointeca@gmail.com) so we can plan for it, and maybe get posters up to advertise the event. I think by that time, people will be looking forward to such an event.

      Take care, stay safe, and hope to hear from you near the end of the summer!
      Christopher Canham

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