Welcome to the Centrepointe Community Association

Welcome to the Centrepointe Community Association. Please click on the links above for more information.

  1. Do you want to play Centrepointe Adult Mixed Recreational Soccer?  See Community Information for details.
  2. HOLD THESE DATES: The annual Centrepointe garage sale is going to be June 7, 2014. The semi-annual clean up the park day will be May 10, 2014.
  3. NEW: High school musical in April! More high school drama!
  4. NEW: April is daffodil month

Where is Centrepointe? Here!


NOTICES: Please note that we have been posting information that the city sends us under “City Notices“. You may want to check there from time to time, if you don’t subscribe to amendments to this website, to see what’s new.

We’ve also added a “Police Notices” subcategory under “City Notices”. Don’t forget to pass the mouse point over the heading to see the topics under it.

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